Seller Registration

The investment to consign your automobile with us is $100.00 U.S. Funds plus 5% commission upon the sale of your vehicle. 


You can find more details including the consignment process below or call us at 1-760-799-0070.  If you prefer you can e-mail us at

NOTE: To revise your entry after you have submitted your vehicle information, contact us at 1-760-799-0070 or

Seller Registration Form

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Vehicle Information

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  1. Complete the online Seller Registration Form on this page for each vehicle you will be selling.

  2. In order to "Consign" your vehicle with Tate Auctions, you must have proof of ownership and complete DMV information.

  3. A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) inspection will be performed on every vehicle prior to the auction in order to verify that VIN# matches title.

  4. ​You must be present when your vehicle comes across the "auction block."



  • All entry fees must be paid in advance with US funds, no refunds once paid.

  • Auction "run times" for your vehicle will vary depending on the bidding.

  • Vehicles with any type of lien must be pre-approved by Tate Auctions office and a copy from the lien holder releasing your vehicle for sale.

  • El Paseo Cruise Night and Tate Auctions are not responsible for lost, stolen or damage to any properties or for any liabilities to such properties.

  • All transactions between the seller and the buyer will take place on the day of the auction. Any exception must be pre-approved with Tate Auctions.

  • ​Tate Auctions are entitled to their commissions 30 days after the event.

  • ​Vehicles must be removed from the auction site within 24 hours after the auction has concluded.